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Dental Surgery
Why Choose Compass?

Compass Dental Services offers flexible practice transition options so you can sell your practice at a pace that is comfortable. Dentists can expect to retain their practice’s identity and its true value, which lies in its reputation and the ongoing presence of the people its patients have grown to trust— the dentists and staff. Compass Dental Services is large enough to leverage its resources and networks while delivering administrative efficiency at a reduced cost. Yet we’re small and personal enough to know each employee by name. 

Set sail at your own pace.

If you’re ready to retire, we’ll help you plan your exit strategy while ensuring your patients and the practice you’ve built are well taken care of. If you’re not ready to retire but you need to access the equity in your practice, we can help you comprise a plan that will give you the flexibility to work towards your goal while not being tied down by the requirements of ownership.

We understand the importance of planning a transition strategy that will create ease for your staff and your patients while providing you with value for your practice. Whether you want to transition your practice and retire or realize your equity and continue to work without the hassles of running a business, we will customize a solution that’s well-suited for you.

  • Explore flexible transition and fold-in opportunities for your practice.

  • Realize your practice equity.

  • Come to an agreement that suits your needs.

  • Continue to practice, if you choose, without business concerns.

  • Ensure your staff and patients are cared for as you retire.

To learn more about how you can transition your practice, contact us.

Flexible transition terms.
Set sail at your own pace
Enjoy the benefits

Ready to set sail?

Sell your Practice!

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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