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We have the resources to help your practice flourish. Let our proven method work for YOU!

Human Resources

Our HR department helps our affiliated practices fill job openings and provides high quality support to dentists and staff members.

Our HR support services include:

  • Hiring passionate, skilled employees

  • Finding the right fit between employee and office

  • Assisting with any employment concerns or issues

  • Clarify questions around benefits, policies, or procedures


No need to worry about the expense of marketing, our in-house marketing team will work to get your practice noticed.

  • Planning & design of campaigns

  • Purchasing media & executing campaigns

  • Social Networking/Event Coordination

  • Reporting & ROI tracking 


Don't let the stress of bookkeeping keep you up at night. Let our professional accounting team help you manage office financials. Our accounting team is led by individuals who have been in both dentistry and accounting and truly understand the operations of a dental practice. We can assist with:

  • Paying Bills

  • Payroll/Payroll Management

  • Collections

  • Credentialing

  • Reporting

  • Tracking

  • Insurance Claims

  • Administration

Information Technology

IT can be frustrating, but leave that worry to us. We will make sure you have access to the technology you need to be innovative and provide the best level of patient care. We also provide the software and maintenance you need to keep your business working securely, efficiently and running smoothly.


At Compass Dental Service, we don't just help you streamline your practice - we help you advance your career. We support a variety of classes to help you build important skills to continue your growth and opportunity.


We help you grow your business, providing support for:

  • Real Estate Negotiation & Acquisition

  • Leasing Negotiations

  • Construction

  • Design & Architecture

  • Continuing Maintenance & Upkeep


Take the worry out of getting necessary forms and supplies.  Our automated process makes it easy to request the supplies you need without the worry and time consuming task of manually ordering.​

Ready to make a change? Contact Us.

Are you ready to leave behind the stress of administration and management? Contact Compass Dental Services or visit our Careers page to learn more about open positions with affiliated locations. We can't wait to hear from you, and we're looking forward to helping you advance your career - and take back your personal life.

With a common goal

we can grow together.

Compass Dental Services helped me get on a path to a true career. I was able to learn in a "hand's on" environment and gained insight through working with quality dentists.

Timothy Langford-Dental Assitant w/ EFDA

I was struggling with the the costs of opening a practice & student debt. Partnering with Compass allowed me to focus on patient care and not worry about day-to-day operations

Dr. Pradeep Shaw-DDS

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