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Focus on the career you love, dentistry. 

Being a dentist or dental specialist is a rewarding career that requires a lot of hard work and dedication. But sometimes the demands of running a busy practice can seem consuming. Running a practice often requires dental professionals to take on many roles, from marketing, human resources to management. It can be overwhelming trying to provide care and properly nurture a growing business, while trying to maintain personal quality of life. Compass Dental Services was created by a group of dentists and specialist who have faced these challenges and want to provide the vital support that can assist the growth of a dental office while allowing dental

professional's personal flexibility.

Join a growing network of dental professionals

At Compass Dental Services our priority is supporting you. By providing the tools and direction for running a successful practice -we help you chart your course, set your destination, and support you on your journey. Being supported by Compass Dental Services gives you the opportunity to maintain control and ownership of your location and receive the tools and support of our proven team. Our dental support network is always available, taking care of administrative duties, HR, accounting, payroll, and marketing, and allowing YOU to focus on dentistry. By automating processes like supply ordering and providing continued education and training for your staff, you can work efficiently and focus on providing the highest standards of care.

Enjoy work-life balance

Compass Dental Services was built by a team of professionals who understand the personal and professional challenges of running a practice. That is why we strive to offer meaningful support and efficient processes to our affiliated locations. We'll work with you to construct a working schedule and arrangement that gives you the freedom and time you deserve while still letting you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Become an Affiliate!

By affiliating with Compass Dental Services, you are partnering with a team that is committed to offering just the right amount of support and education while still giving you the space you need to practice and lead on your own terms. When you join Compass Dental Services you'll become part of a growing network of dental professionals, giving you the opportunity to learn, grown, and synergize with experienced proven leaders. Relieve yourself of the burden of administrative functions while focusing on providing quality patient care. 

Ready to embark on a new journey? Contact Us!

Contact us today to learn more about Compass Dental Services and the support that we can offer your practice. Click below to e-mail us to begin the process of assessing your location! 

Focus on what makes you happy

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